Simple 2D CNN classifiers, including domain adversarial and mixed effects extensions.


AdversarialClassifier(*args, **kwargs)

Domain adversarial classifier for the ImageClassifier.

ClusterInputImageClassifier(*args, **kwargs)

Simple 2D image classifier that takes an additional input containing the one-hot encoded cluster membership of each sample.

DomainAdversarialImageClassifier(*args, **kwargs)

Domain adversarial 2D image classifier which learns the classification task while competing with an adversary, which learns to predict cluster membership from the classifier's layer activations.

ImageClassifier(*args, **kwargs)

Simple 2D image binary classifier with 7 convolution blocks and 2 final dense layers.

MixedEffectsClassifier(*args, **kwargs)

Random linear slope and intercept introduced before last dense layer

RandomEffectsClassifier(*args, **kwargs)